Life happens, right?

As I'm typing this my head is thinking 50 thoughts a second.
That's definitely possible.
Otherwise,  I wouldn't have a migraine.
So I dropped my laptop on the train this morning.
I died a little.
I arrived at work, turned it on, and what else was to be expected?
It's damaged.
I cried over the though of losing my precious pictures, videos, and school work. Yes, even school work.
There's a big possibility the hard drive is fully damaged, the motherboard. All damaged with little hope.
& so today I am crying over this.
But thats not all.

Here is a list of a few of the 50 thoughts my head is thinking per minute;

-  I lost my work for Monday's radio show - hours of audio editing, writing... ahhh

- My grandmother is sick, her eyesight is causing her problems. She's in Ecuador, and I haven't seen her in almost 10 years. =(

- My dad had an accident at work. He may need surgery. I want to help him with the paperwork and all but where is the time when you need it most?

- Being a single mommy is very hard, I think I need a therapist.

- Why is it raining?
I need peace and time. Thank you to everyone who has been stopping by lately. I pinky promise I'll be back soon.


I paint a heart. He admires it and smiles. He believes he can paint one just like mine.


He always thinks he can do anything I do. He doesn’t know limitations. He doesn’t know the word impossible. His spirit consists of the words see & do. 


He CAN do anything. Because he believes he can. And because I believe in him, he believes even more.
My Pooh Bear is at the stage where he copies everything he sees. Maybe he’s doing it because it seems fun, he’s curious, or it’s something new. Deep inside though, he believes in himself. This brings a smile to my face. Every single time. ~ As I watched him “draw’ for the first time. As he kicked a soccer ball. As he took a paintbrush in his hand and started painting. As he fed himself with a spoon for first time. As he pulled his pants up. As he repeats words after me. As he “reads.” As he helps. As he kisses and hugs. As he loves.
As he does these things, he truly believes in himself. He thinks he is actually reading. His pride while reading reflects on a huge smile. He believes so much, that kisses and hugs can put a smile on mommy’s face and stop her tears. He smiles  because he believes he can make the bad things go away and bring a smile to anyone’s face. He believes the way he loves is better than anything.(and it is to me)
Whenever children want to try and accomplish something, they can do it.  They think their way is the best way. And it is. They always know what to do.To all these things - Or so they think. These thoughts alone should fulfill us with pride and joy.
Why should they? Because after trying they may just accomplish. Some people never even go as far as trying. They are afraid. They have limits. They think it’s impossible. Children aren’t afraid, have no limits and don’t know the word impossible. Children have their own little ways of making those around them feel better. They think they can change the world.  And they can.
Because our children have spirits that are bigger than the universe.
When someone believes in themselves, simply stated, it takes them far. Even if it’s a toddler who is just learning to paint and accomplished painting a heart after a few tries. From here he’ll just go farther.
I wish for my Pooh Bear to never stop believing in himself. As for me, I will always believe in him.

Organizing your life

To-do lists left forgotten on my desk are the only thing I think about these days. I feel too ashamed to mention some of the things there. My little one is almost 2 and there's still an unfinished baby book.
You know how they say you need to hit rock bottom to do something about it? Well sure this may not seem that extreme but the fact that it's taking over my mind definitely makes it change-worthy. I want to change this. I need to change this.
I'm taking control & doing something about it. & not just these lists. I'm ORGANIZING MY LIFE. 
I am going back to my organized self; always on top of things, carefree. But I need your help.
Please tell me your secrets?