I’m Mayra, the mamá & Pooh Bear is my 2 year old nene. I am in love with him (and I think he feels the same) and together we are quite a happy pair. 


We reside in the lovely city of Chicago. I fell in love with the city when I came here in 2000. I was born in Ecuador, South America and Pooh was born here.  Being raised in a different country with a different culture I, too raise Pooh the only way I know how; speaking Spanish, eating lots of ceviche, and playing fútbol.


I love books, culture, fashion, interior design, photography, baking, dancing and all things vintage. Pooh Bear loves books, animals, eating my baked goods, dancing and all things Toy Story. 


Being a mother is the greatest role there is, however, I also believe that just because you become a mother doesn’t mean you stop being a woman. This meaning giving up on the things you love.  


Having this in mind, I decided to go back to school and finish my Journalism & Communications degree. Pooh & I do Zumba together, go on Borders, Starbucks & movie dates. We also attend any cultural kiddie events we can find.  Just like before baby. Sort of. ;)


This blog serves as a mommy & baby toddler journal that documents our little adventures around the city, tells our stories (good & bad) and shares our culture & lifestyle. I hope that through my posts you are inspired to realize that you can be an amazing mommy and still do the things you love, as well as find inspiration in other aspects of life. 


{Lovely to meet you.}

In hopes of inspiring & making you smile,
Una mami & her nene.